Curvilinear Decorated...

Six glazed black and white ceramic rectangular plates neatly placed edge to edge so together a curved contrasting black and white pattern forms a complete design.

Skull Still Life

Painting of animal skull with orange drapery and candle and wine bottle.

Jerry Moore - Artist...

Graphic illustration advertisement for a made-up logo making company with two rows of digital logos.


Drawing of a nude on a chair.

Harmony of Vision

Chalk drawing of lavender tear-drop shaped perfume bottle.

Corbett's Light (...

Painting of Gustave Corbett

Invasive Plants on the...

Photo of pressed leaf inside rectangular black framed plant specimen display case with tape identifying Rouge River Basin.

Keepers of the Flame (...

Brown pottery with dragons around it.

The Evolution of...

Concert photo with crowd and hands in the air and bright stage lights.


Moon in cloudy sky with kite and girl flying in air.