Artwork in Rome

Magazine page showing photo of Roman catacombs and art history text

Mona Talks

Cartoon of girl wearing a purple scarf on her head and covering her mouth.


Ink drawing of young girl with red hair and wearing a sweater and jeans under water with her long hair floating.

Ode to Jimmy

Mural of two goat people wearing black and white suit and tie holding forks spearing stack of dollar bills.

Something Lost,...

Water color drawing of young girl looking outside an open door with a tall floor lamp adjacent to the door.

Uncovering Calligraphy:...

Drawing of illustration approximating calligraphy from Book of Kells


Spinning vinyl record

Happy Together

Painting in the style of Gustav Klimt of the side of a face with gold eyeshadow and red lipstick and yellow wavy hair.

Art in the Hart Sisters

Oil painting of cobblestone street with two story village buildings with ivy covering them; appears like a European village in the summer.

The Incident on the Plane

Drawing of a Muslim girl in a hijab walking in between a crowd.