12 Gods

"Greek origin of the 12 zodiac signs" graphic courtesy Horoscopius

Cold Ravioli

Fat Shamed Pains

After Joan Mitchell by Rebecca Franklin

10 O'Clock on the...

Drawing of a street bridge

The Help That Makes You...

Stock drawing of hospital bed

To Be Late Is To Be...

Close up picture of clock


Ambulance siren

The Way the Waves Crash

Storm clouds and waves


Multiple solar flares from NASA.org

Love Through a Prism

Prism Flat Rainbow from Wikimedia Commons

Falling Apart

Zainab Saleh “Modern Flower”; cut out wooden geometric flower petals


Denise Widen “Tower”; sculpture of earthy tower

Something Lost,...

Water color drawing of young girl looking outside an open door with a tall floor lamp adjacent to the door.

Mona Talks

Cartoon of girl wearing a purple scarf on her head and covering her mouth.


Ink drawing of young girl with red hair and wearing a sweater and jeans under water with her long hair floating.

Ode to Jimmy

Mural of two goat people wearing black and white suit and tie holding forks spearing stack of dollar bills.

Factory Rats

Factory smokestack with cloud of smoke coming out of it.

Êxodo do Incêndio

Color photo of a thin woman from her midsection to her feet, wearing a full length peach dress with yellow on the sides, standing behind three horizontal beams of an aged wooden fence spaced about a foot apart. Stock photo courtesy of Gratisography.com

From Lane Sixteen

Seagulls on a street with yellow and white dotted lane dividers. Stock photo courtesy of Gratisography.com

New Instructor Doubts...

Waiter Learns Verbal...

U of M-D Nude Kilometer...

Customer Service 101

Returning HFCC Student...

HFCC Instructor Remains...

Photo of open notebook with blank lined pages sitting on a desk. On the page is a pencil and pencil shavings. Photo by Angelina Litvin from StockSnap.io