Ode to Forgotten Skin

“Texture” by Shandra Dicks - pop can covered with golden thumb tacks sharp end pointed outward.

Kitchen Table

Batoul Ballout “la tete et le couer”; photo of a girl wearing a hoodie looking down at the floor where a table once stood.

A Time Before

Three elderly African American auto-workers

The Teapot

Boiling kettle on gas stove

Christmas Memory

Closeup of Kente cloth


Spinning vinyl record

Happy Together

Painting in the style of Gustav Klimt of the side of a face with gold eyeshadow and red lipstick and yellow wavy hair.

The Incident on the Plane

Drawing of a Muslim girl in a hijab walking in between a crowd.


Clouds above a field with a girl in a dress being pulled by a kite string attached to a cloud.