The Patchwork

Shades of Gray by Zaynah Jadallah

These Broken Ruins


Overgrown by Amanda Correa

Questioning a Silent...

Photoshop Composition by Christopher Thomas


The Butterfly Trail by Fatima Hadj Mahammad


Homeless Individual stock photo

Act Four

Graphic of several hands reaching upward


Photo of Metro Detroit Airport


Drawing of spaghetti in a bowl with a fork

Old Friends

Ceramic cat mask with female body in kimono holding human mask

There Are No Words

Stargazing car stock image

To Silence the Silence

Rose growing out of crack in concrete

Blushing at a Distance

Close up photo of Greyhound bus

Ode to Forgotten Skin

“Texture” by Shandra Dicks - pop can covered with golden thumb tacks sharp end pointed outward.

Kitchen Table

Batoul Ballout “la tete et le couer”; photo of a girl wearing a hoodie looking down at the floor where a table once stood.

A Time Before

Three elderly African American auto-workers

The Teapot

Boiling kettle on gas stove

Christmas Memory

Closeup of Kente cloth


Spinning vinyl record

Happy Together

Painting in the style of Gustav Klimt of the side of a face with gold eyeshadow and red lipstick and yellow wavy hair.

The Incident on the Plane

Drawing of a Muslim girl in a hijab walking in between a crowd.


Clouds above a field with a girl in a dress being pulled by a kite string attached to a cloud.