Fairytale Invasion in...

Collage of images representing fairy tales mixed with modern day imagery.


Photograph of dark glass beads forming a sphere on a dark red textured background.

Wedding Glasses

12 of a series of 150 turquoise glazed ceramic mugs

Cause Project

Poster and graphic art depicting campaign against animal cruelty.


Sketch of self-portrait of Angelo Britt wearing a baseball cap.

Tri Tootsie Recepticle

Elegant ceramic bowl with green and brown colors merging together.

Digital Composition

Digital images of needles and eyes, ears, lips, nose, blood, creating a fashion model's face.

Marcel Residence

Drawings and plans for living room and dining room interior.

Split Square

Wooden sticks piled together to form a curving tower with a split opening.

Shape Representation

Paper cutout of goldfinch on a cherry tree branch.


Long rectangular serving platter with handles with black snakelike pattern on white.

Frontiers and Beers

Interior design of restaurant with frontier theme.

Jones Residence

Interior design of a kitchen and dining area.

Angry Sticks

Wooden sticks stuck together forming a cluster.

Artwork in Rome

Magazine page showing photo of Roman catacombs and art history text

Art in the Hart Sisters

Oil painting of cobblestone street with two story village buildings with ivy covering them; appears like a European village in the summer.

A Walk in Vincent's...

Close up of ceramic lace-up boots made to look realistically like leather based on Vincent Van Gogh's painting of his own boots.

Once Upon A Time

Ceramic sculpture of two legs on top of which is an open fairy tale book with a castle coming out of a page and the words "Once Upon A Time" on the opposite page. Out of one leg is straw like the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz and three talons come out of a red tennis shoe.

Curvilinear Decorated...

Six glazed black and white ceramic rectangular plates neatly placed edge to edge so together a curved contrasting black and white pattern forms a complete design.

Jerry Moore - Artist...

Graphic illustration advertisement for a made-up logo making company with two rows of digital logos.

Harmony of Vision

Chalk drawing of lavender tear-drop shaped perfume bottle.

Self Portrait (After...

3D Art inspired by Salvadore Dali's Self Portrait

Skull Still Life

Painting of animal skull with orange drapery and candle and wine bottle.


Drawing of a nude on a chair.

Corbett's Light (...

Painting of Gustave Corbett