"Freedom" -...

Image of bird peeking out of a cage.

"Good Boy" -...

Sculpture of a male bust with a dog head.


Image of a tree juxtaposed with swimming fish

Blick Art Honorable...

Image of a wall

Blick Art Honorable...

Graphic of a punk rock-esque poster

Women's Expo Poster

Image of a woman's expo poster

Untitled From Scanagram

Image of bottom of glass bottles

Beer Label - LAND First...

Painting of a woman in a field facing the sun


Graphic of a skull


Image of an artichoke in plastic wrap

LAND Cover Winner 2019

Image of a man breakdancing with the word "Movement" surrounding him

LAND Second Place -...

Design of a website front page featuring coffee

LAND Third Place -...

Illustration of a man

Blick Art Honorable...

Illustration of a woman

LAND 2D Art - 3rd Place...

Collage of flowers, trees, bridge, building, and an old house.


Ribbed accordion vase

Still Life

Painting of cup, apple, pear, and grapes

Gear Jar #2

Gears on a jar forming a robotic face.

Peace of Mind Yoga...

Concept board for the interior design of a yoga studio.


Painting of plum, orange, lemon, and pear.

Fish Platter #2

Ceramic serving platter with blue striped fish


Letters of the alphabet stacked together in creative font.


Photo of boy standing next to the image of a pilot as if he is part of the image underneath an airplane hanging at The Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Michigan.


Drawing of a house with mountains in the background.

LAND Illustration Winner...

Black and white photo of female face on horizon with wooden bridge going toward it over water.