Master Violinist

Grittily dragging your bow across my heartstrings. In such monotonous perfidy. Holding me so tightly against you, I groan and creak under the influence. My seams come undone from the pressure of your embrace. We are no longer in tune; your melancholic melodies have distorted my bridge and unraveled my strings. Your once soft fingers are hardened and callused, deteriorating my varnish as your fingers move up and down my neck. I try so hard to scream, but the sound intertwines with your exquisite vibrato. Wrapping your fingers tighter around my neck, picking up pace, running up and down a series of demonic chromatic arpeggios; violent passages of trills, turns and ungraceful notes. Shivers resonate in my core, before all I can manage is a faint, but frightful final gasp.