From the Editors

Venture down the rabbit hole, and join us Through Our Looking Glass. Through Our Looking Glass is an outlet for the HFCC community to express themselves creatively on a rotating basis. There is an implemented theme for every issue, but please feel free to interpret the theme, as you will. If you have any reservations, we are also available to assist you with your work. Looking Glass is here to give our campus community the opportunity to expand their portfolios and resumes. We accept numerous forms of work, but please understand that our section has limited space. Please, do not be dismayed if we do not publish your work immediately, it will kept it on file for considerations in later publications. However, if you do not hear back from us in a timely fashion after submitting your work, resubmit!

We would like to extend our warms thanks to all of our readers, Mirror News editor Dennis Rymarz, and Faculty Advisor, Cassandra Fluker, for your support, excitement, and encouragement. We’d also like to thank all the artists and writers who have contributed to this issue: Annelise Lopes, Jeremy Flatt, Willie Donwell, Jessie Stokosa, Frank DeBoever, and Jason Tipton.

This is the third issue of Mirror News with the Through Our Looking Glass section, but this is the first issue with a universal theme, and a wide array of contributors. It is our desire to continue to display the creative abilities of students here at HFCC. We now have a website, so check us out at (Please refer to this website for contact information and submission guidelines.)


Mariana Moreira and Brianna Klutz
"Through Our Looking Glass"Editors