Ghosts Unseen

Welcome to the world
Of the masks of deceit
Where the pilgrims of promise
Are the slaves of the weak
Where the crown on your head
Is a chain on your heart
And the people you call friends
Are unopened scars

The sun is a spotlight
For the all-seeing eye
And the shadows, a shield
From the corporate skies
Darkness burns much brighter
Than the spark of a flame
It doesn't take long
When corruption reigns

The world is the field
For the war's they wage
And the only thing that's falling
Is a poison rain
To pledge a different creed
Is to spit in the eye
Of the ones in charge
That control this fight

There's a horse on the hill
With his coat of arms
Pierced through his chest
Right up to the stars
And the blood that bleeds
Is a patriotic red
But when it hits the ground
It pools as black instead

And dead are the colors
That were worn with pride
Torched in the wreckage
As a sacrifice
The ways of the past
Are the ghosts, unseen
Haunting a world
They thought they'd never see