The Journey of Love, Forbidden

The ships that sail on gravity's plain
Glide along the silk rocks
Guided only by the will to roam
And break free from the boundaries drawn.

A forbidden love with shadow blooms,
Separated by fortune and fate.
The barrier of time crashes down
To thwart the lover's kiss.

A cavalcade of flaming chariots
Race across the glassy shores
Exploding from the ethereal realm
Breaking open distant skies.

Flaming, breathing, erupting, rising;
Fueled by passion, she journeys on.

Atop the tower she sees her prize;
Descending to claim her prince in white.
The sparkling prince is gone again,
Her face imprinted on his heart.

She closes her eyes with one final tear,
Painting a kaleidoscope panorama.
A showcase of love that's never seen;
Fading fast before it's received.

He weeps the song of love's disdain,
Too scared to show his true colors.
So he wears the colors of his love,
A banner of pride for all to see.

Holding, crying, longing, flying;
Until tomorrow, he journey's on.