Clouds above a field with a girl in a dress being pulled by a kite string attached to a cloud.
"Cloud" by Rbab Alsaidi

The sky was bright and clear.
We sat shoulder to shoulder.
It was two different colors as a matter of fact.
I felt the ocean between us stir.
Turquoise and Sapphire if I can recall.
It was quick and painful.
A line of clouds seemed to separate the two.
An impact tsunami? “I think I Love her”.
What did the sky look like without those clouds?
Drowning right next to him, could he hear the gasps?
What did it look like where they met?
So close his heartbeat pulsed throughout me.
What color did they make as they overlapped?
Could he feel it, that mine had stopped?
Azure, Navy, Royal, Sky, how ironic if it was sky?
The rawness of heartbreak seemed to be usurped by the ecstasy of freedom.
Shrieking wings obscured my view and dilated my eyes.
As if a blind man given sight I experienced him in a new way
I hoped the creatures would act as a curtain for my answer.
It was hollow and unyielding, his sturdiness condensed to brick.
Nope, the clouds had barely moved but I knew the answer.
He was a restricted area, a sealed tomb, a big wax dream flown too close to the sun.
Navy’s too dark, sky’s too light, royals too dull.
Apparently closer than you’ve ever been means a longer fall…
Azure, azure I just knew it my heart told me so.
Another check under failure, at least the sky was nice.
What a beautiful sky, what a day to feel so low.