Once Upon A Time

Ceramic sculpture of two legs on top of which is an open fairy tale book with a castle coming out of a page and the words "Once Upon A Time" on the opposite page. Out of one leg is straw like the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz and three talons come out of a red tennis shoe.
Steve Glazer

Sarah Bosell completed her ceramic sculpture, titled "Once Upon a Time," as part of her ceramics class with Steve Glazer. She entered the sculpture into the statewide Liberal Arts Network of Development (LAND) 3D Art Contest, and it placed 3rd place. LAND sponsors three art contests: 2D, 3D, and Illustration. The piece was inspired by fairy tales. The jurist's comments about Sarah's piece are as follows: "Ceramic Sculpture. Interesting combination of diverse objects alludes to a narrative through the use of disjointed parts. The Funk art ceramics movement is recalled when I look at this piece."