LAND 3D Art Winner - "Dreamer"

3D ceramic sculpture of young girl in front of brick wall on top of mortarboard graduation cap on a female head with black hair and dark eyes.
"Dreamer" by Daniela Salgado-Madrid

LAND 3D Art Winner - "Dreamer" by Daniela Salgado-Madrid

The LAND Fine Arts Competition is open to any student enrolled in a credit class at a public Michigan two-year college during the 2018 calendar year.

Each entry must be sponsored by a faculty member (full-time or adjunct) who has reviewed the student’s work and attests that it is appropriate for the contest criteria and competitive rigor at the state level. The 2018 theme for the 3-Dimensional contest was "bridges." All media was accepted (excluding food). Maximum size: Height plus Width plus Depth must not exceed 60″ or 30 lbs. Daniela Salgado-Madrid's 1st Place winning piece was on display at the 2018 LAND Conference held in Muskegon, Michigan.

Judge's comments: This work is a testament to the theme of bridges. The “dreamers” subject matter is timely and important, as is the method of representation. The style recalls Murakami or works by contemporary artists who adapt anime techniques and blend popular culture with fine arts.