LAND Illustration Winner - Theme “Bridges”

Black and white photo of female face on horizon with wooden bridge going toward it over water.
2018 LAND conference PROGRAM Cover - Theme “Bridges” by Gabrielle Sisler

Winner #1 - LAND Illustration Contest

The LAND Illustration Competition is open to any student enrolled in a credit class at a public Michigan two-year college during the 2018 calendar year. Each entry must be sponsored by a faculty member (full-time or adjunct) who has reviewed the student’s work and attests that it is appropriate for the contest criteria and competitive rigor at the state level.

For the 2018 contest, the theme was "Bridges." Students submitted a two dimensional design, any concept or image, no matter how remote, which represented the theme. Gabrielle Sisler's 1st Place winning design served as the program cover for the 2018 LAND Student Scholars Conference.

Judge's comments: This work was selected for its strong design and how well it fit into the “theme” of Bridges. The imagery and composition speaks of potentials and possibilities….it is a bridge to nowhere or a bridge to everywhere. It is mysterious. It doesn’t tell the whole story, it allows the viewer to think about what this means. The concept of diversity are also address in the undertones of art from Asian cultures, both in the imagery and text layout.