Pancakes, Warm and Fluffy

2012 Barrett Winner

4th Place Jordan Barr

One day we will go
to Pancakes House,
where the pancakes are warm and fluffy,
and the syrup
is quite sticky.
I'll sit on the cracked vinyl bench,
and you, across from me,
can spill the syrup
on the already sticky table.
That poor, poor waitress
with a beehive haircut
and a name of "Flo"
will clean up your mess
while recalling her youth, and
mumbling "those crazy kids."
And one day, our youth
will slip by, but l'll still be
eating those warm,
fluffy pancakes, and you'll
still be spilling that sticky syrup
on some already sticky tables.
And Flo...
you might just say that Flo
was a crazy kid all along
just like you and me.