2023 Barrett Winner

2nd Place D'Machia Milom

Black is my afro
Black is my grandma’s sweet tea
Black is my Nina
Black is the past
My ancestors were called Negros
Black is reminding whites that they cant say Nigga
In 2023
And them acting triggered
Black is pain
But black is beauty and gain
Breaking the chains
Black is my change
Black is my Usains
Speaking of running
They wonder why we run
When we are
Judged by 5-0 because our skin
Being treated differently because of our
Oppressors sins
Staring at the ocean
Remembering my ancestors couldn’t swim
But chose to leave this world
Rather than becoming slaves to the white man
Black is survival
World against us and we still
Are taking up space
And seats
Thank you Auntie Maxine
Young black queens looking at the tv saying
“That can be me”
First Black President
Judged by his color
That is the color of his skin and the color of his suit
While president 45
Lies and
Spits racist comments turning America more racist
Wait my apologies ya'll
I meant shining a light on how racist America still is
Stop me when i stop speaking facts
If i keep speaking
We’ll be here 365 days
And then some
Because these pages in our history books
Are fake
Who really invented rock n roll?
Do my people know what the term picnic was used for?
White people using white out on the real history
But one thing about blood it bleeds through
Im sure y’all already know this, this aint nothing new.
Praying my brothers are freed from
These gates
As they watch their lives pass away
And the Johns and Tims
Get a slap on the wrist
For the same charge
And still being able to run for office
Or run from the cops
Without the deadly force that has been used on my brothers and sisters
Tucked safe in her home
But are we really safe?
When nowadays
My people are blamed for destruction
When we should be praised for building the
Home of the free
Home of the stolen I mean
Justifications for being thieves
But shout out to my people
Working twice as hard to get half of what they have
Still no cracking
And yes our melanin skin don’t crack either
Shout out to my people
Carrying the weight of the world
With the scars of the whips on our backs
These Karens couldn’t walk a mile in our
Y’all stop me when i stop speaking facts
Black is power
Black is taking over
Black is forever
Black don’t crack
Black cant be described by one word
Or personified
Black is
Black is you
Black is We