Run. Hide. Fight.

2023 Barrett Winner

2nd Place D'Machia Milom

Run from America
Hide from the Shooters
Fight the Government
Losing count
Thinking of all the rounds
They fire
Into the classrooms
Kids not knowing
Their typical Monday will be filled with doom
So many lives lost by senseless shooters
I can name a few
Nikolas Cruz
Seung-Hui Cho
Adam Lanza
Schools telling you to
Run from Cruz
Hide from Cho
Fight Lanza
When the sounds of bullets are flying
Hearts are racing
Schools used to be a safe haven
Now doors must be locked
Windows must be bullet proof
Students must become soldiers
And the government acts aloof
Turning on the news to hear whats new?
Another shooting on the news
But let me ask you,
Is that really new?
Is it becoming a norm for schools to be attacked
Our youth to be slaughtered in schools
Taught to
How do we run from bullets that are faster than us?
How can we hide in a classroom with no room?
but a desk
to hide under
as they wonder
How do we fight?
When the shooter has the gun
And students hearts are racing
because they know the shooter is about to
to their class next as they listen to their peers being shot.
Run Hide and Fight?
I’m sicking of watching the innocent
While the government feeds us lies
And we fall for the illusion
That everything will be alright
Shooters in the halls of our schools
Gunshots heard around the world
Every other month
More prayers
More protest
More kids laid to rest
Reminiscing on the days when your biggest fears about going to school was a test.