Sunday Morning Freedom

I told them. I didn’t think it was safe for two eighteen-year-olds to be out alone at
night. And they told me I was just being an over-protective mom. They were only
going to a local dance club to meet up with some other kids, also vacationing in
Cancun. Finally, at eight o’clock in the morning the phone rang. It was Simon
calling to say that he and Tara were walking back from the club when the police
pulled up, threw them in a van, and hauled them off to jail.

Finding a lawyer on a Sunday took some time and most of our vacation money,
but Simon and Tara were finally out on bond. And suddenly, we were on a very
unexpected vacation, looking over our shoulders and afraid to be out after dark,
fearing not the bad guys, but the ones who were supposed to keep us safe. After the
charges against them were dropped, we were finally free to enjoy the sun, the beach,
the ocean... freedom.... And we did... back home.

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