Michigan Ave

From 2010 - 2012, Michigan Ave. Creative Arts Journal was an annual publication that was a celebration of the arts created by the students, faculty, staff, and alumni at Henry Ford Community College. The brainchild of Creative Writing instructor, Ruth Ann Schmitt, it was a continuation of the work of Goodwheels, the previous creative writing journal, which was founded and edited by James Wanless. Michigan Ave. Creative Arts Journal included submissions of poetry, non-fiction, fiction, drama, sculpture, painting, drawing, graphic arts, and photography. Michigan Ave. Creative Arts Journal was committed to creating a diverse forum where Henry Ford Community College students, alumni, faculty, and staff could dialogue with each other through the arts. The creative voices found in Michigan Ave. Creative Arts Journal were distributed to the Dearborn community and beyond.

Issues of the Michigan Ave. Creative Arts Journal are available in the Henry Ford College Eshleman Library, room 110.


Happy Birthday by Marwa Harp
Liberty by Jordan Barr
Work by Brittany Watts
Jog by Salah Berri
The Twenty-Nothings by Brianna Klutz
A Night at the Shelter by Kyle Moylan
Consistent Behavior by Dan Hidalgo
Emails from Heaven by Dennis Rymarz
Everybody Likes Cher by Marina Vorobieva


Why I Hate My Hair by Mikayla Beaudrie
Twisted Metal by Jessica Peters


No Man on the Moon by Frank DeBoever
Pancakes, Warm and Fluffy by Jordan Barr
Pontiac by Frank DeBoever
The Girl in the Red Hajab by Malik Elmadari
A Portrait of Poetry by Sitrillah Gellani
An Anthem of Nonsense by Sitrillah Gellani
Dance by Justin Rogers
Fragmentation by Benjamin Bock
Haiku by Sitrillah Gellani
Shower by Justin Rogers
The Seamstress Concedes by Anita Fernandez
To Then, From Now by Sitrillah Gellani
Aftercare by Frank DeBoever
Caught Up in the Madness by Andre Archer
Compulsion by Jason Tipton
Day at the Zoo by Pam Whitlark
For Sharky by Pam Whitlark
Goat Mother by Rick Bailey
Palestinian Boy by Malik Elmadari
Rift by Malik Elmadari
The Mechanic by Malik Elmadari
U.S. Soldier's Poem by Sarah Monhollen

Flash Fiction

Sunday Morning Freedom by Suzanne Folley