LG Archive

LG Volume 40 - Issue 3 - October 27, 2014

Ghosts Unseen by Michael Armstrong
Mother's Foot Steps by Mia Estes
No Evil by Mia Estes
Stains on the Surface by Brittney Arafat
The Journey of Love, Forbidden by Michael Armstrong
The Wind Will Whisper by Michael Armstrong
Untitled by Mia Estes
Untitled by Mia Estes
Untitled by Craig Henderson
Untitled by Craig Henderson
Untitled by Mia Estes

LG Volume 40 - Issue 2 - October 13, 2014

Different by Brittney Arafat
The Barren Tree by Adeeje Chamas

LG Volume 40 - Issue 01 - September 22, 2014

Sitting on the Brink by Sarraa Alasady
Untitled by Kelly A. Kulpa

LG Volume 37 Issue 8 - March 15, 2012

Crosswalk Photo by Amber Leigh

LG Issue 8- Winter 2011

The Revival by Sitrillah Gelani
Untitled by Asia Mock

LG Issue 7- Winter 2010

10 Tips for Poets by Dr. Rick Bailey
Dialogue Workshop by Brianna Klutz
Why I Write by Frank DeBoever

LG Issue 6 - Fall 2010

Ash Ball- A Just So Story by Diabinha Marota
Êxodo do Incêndio by Mariana Moreira